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The Life of David: A Man After God's Heart

The Life of David: A Man After God's Heart

The most talked about person in the Old Testament is a man named David. There are many great men in the Old Testament. There is Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and Caleb. There's Jeremiah and Isaiah, and all the prophets. Then there is also David who was the second king of Israel and the greatest king that Israel ever had. In many ways you could say that David was the greatest man of the Old Testament. His relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ is mentioned over and over again in the New Testament. The link between David and the Lord Jesus is unmistakable in the Bible. 

Join us each Wednesday night @ 7:00 PM as we take an in depth look at the life of David. If you miss a service or would like a CD of a message, please contact our office during office hours. 

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